Orville Personnel – Kelly Grayson

We’re joined by another member of the Orville‘s crew: first officer Kelly Grayson. I’m not a fan of defining women by their relationships to men but the complete picture of Kelly Grayson is that she is the ex-wife of Captain Ed Mercer and the reason he was riding a desk for so long. Although the situation is a bit more than that…

Simply put, Grayson’s character is pretty great. Like Mercer she is flawed and makes missteps but she’s also highly competent and strong under pressure. For instance, she is at least halfway responsible for ending her marriage with Ed Mercer but she also was the one to push for his instatement as captain of the Orville. If you are using Kelly Grayson in a Star Trek campaign, she could be an excellent first officer for a ship. If you want, she could also have a tumultuous relationship with a captain in the fleet and you’re free to decide how that turns out in your universe.

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