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Welcome to Jack Pack July! The informally named ‘Jack Pack’ first appeared in the DS9 episode “Statistical Probabilities“, and they returned in “Chrysalis“. Genetically augmented Humans with problems integrating into normal society, the Jack Pack members are Jack, Lauren, Patrick, and Sarina Douglas. All of them are geniuses, but each has their own psychological issue that have required them to live apart from society. Karen Loews worked with Jack and the others at an unnamed institute.

As they been together for fifteen years living in the same institute, the members of the Jack Pack each have the Trait Jack Pack, to reflect the fact that they are stronger together, but weaker apart. Use the Trait to decrease Difficulty when they are working on a problem and bouncing ideas off one another; increase the Difficulty when they are isolated or in discord and unable to work as a team.

Jack is the most assertive of the four, and is the unofficial leader of the group. He is a genius, and also has augmented physical abilities thanks to the accelerated critical neural pathway formation procedure that he underwent as a child. However, the procedure also made him violent, anti-social, and volatile. At one point, he was worried about the inevitable collapse of the universe in sixty trillion years.

Jack’s low Control reflects his lack of self-control, but his Augmented Ability (Control) Talent can be used to model his Augment dexterity.

In beta canon, Jack, Lauren and Patrick worked for Starfleet Intelligence by 2382.

The Jack Pack could be an interesting group of PCs for a unique adventure, or an important but dangerous asset to the Federation that your crew may have to babysit.

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