Featured Crew: Karen Loews


Lieutenant Karen Loews is a psychiatrist first introduced in the DS9 episode “Statistical Probabilities“, where she was in charge of patients who had undergone accelerated neural pathway formation, a form of genetic augmentation. In particular, four of her patients (informally called the Jack Pack) are a handful: Jack, Patrick, Lauren, and Sarina Douglas. She works at an unnamed institute with these patients, who are geniuses but suffer problems integrating into Federation society. She is patient, but even that has been tested by Jack’s antics. Officially, she is Sarina Douglas’s legal guardian. She brought the Jack Pack to DS9 to see if Bashir, who underwent the same kind of augmentation, could help them perform better in society.

You can use Karen Loews alongside the Jack Pack, who will be featured in Jack Pack July. Alternatively, she could be called in for consultations, or even serve as a space station or ship’s counselor before 2374.

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