Featured Crew: Sarina Douglas


The fourth member of the Jack Pack is Sarina Douglas. (See Jack for information on the Jack Pack.) She also underwent the accelerated critical neural pathway formation procedure, but the results of that were quite different. Her modification had made her cerebral cortex able to process information at tremendous speed, but her visual and auditory systems could not deliver the information quickly to her cortex. While she was a genius, the condition made her seem non-verbal and oblivious to her surroundings. Karen Loews was her legal guardian.

In 2375, Doctor Bashir was able to correct this with a new procedure, making Sarina eventually able to function in normal society. She was able to talk and interact with her environment. She became attracted to Julian Bashir, and vice versa, but they weren’t able to make it work. She left to pursue an internship at the Corgal Research Center.

In beta canon, Sarina worked for Starfleet Intelligence, and eventually Section 31.

I present a single version meant to work for both the mute Sarina and Sarina after undergoing Bashir’s procedure. The Values should work for both. If you wish, for the post-procedure Sarina, you may replace the fourth Value with Make A Life For Myself.

Sarina Douglas (PC version) PDFMicrosoft Word - SarinaDouglas-PC.docx

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