Exo (Species Profile by Shizno)

The Exo is a human made machine race from a game called Destiny that was developed by the studio Bungie and published by Activision. The idea behind the Exo is still a mystery within the game’s lore, and slowly little pieces of their history about the race have been found. The story about the Exos is that they were once machines made to fight an unknown enemy while humanity was in its golden era. An era, they were brought to by the help of an alien entity they called The Traveler.

Somewhere down the line the leap was made from having purely machines with advanced AI, to uploading a human mind to these bodies. Whatever the reason or the cause, it all came crashing down with the arrival of the darkness and the sacrifice of The Traveler.

The Exos are not androids, but rather a merging of the human mind and machine. In the episode “The Schizoid Man” where Dr. Ira Graves uploads his mind into Commander Data, His personality, Emotions and Flaws are all still present and a part of him.

While the Species Sheet will have one origin idea for how the Exo could work in a Star Trek Adventures game, here are some brief and open to interpretation ideas. The Exo were pulled into this universe via an experiment gone wrong, a vessel being caught in a space-time anomaly, or some other strange happenstance. They should all share one common thread though: They all have a very different and abstract quantum signature, and they have their companion.

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  1. Possibly found on a planet in the Shackleton Expanse that was wiped out by an outside (Alien) Force (plot hook) but there was one “being” left in low power mode.

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