Tokens for Your STA Game

Community member Jean Joeri has come back with some tokens for your online Star Trek Adventures campaign! Check out the zip files below for a collection of different aliens and a nice batch of Starfleet officers with different options so that all your male Bolians (for example) don’t look the same.

If you want anything else, I’m sure Jean would love to hear your suggestions! Leave them in the comments and we’ll keep building up our library of resources.


    1. I made them my self on start trek online.
      The first thing you must do is take a screenshot in Star Trek Online.
      Be sure that you have a high enough resolution.
      If you don’t have a computer that can handle high resolution use the renderscale commando in the chat box to take bigger screenshots so you can circumvent the resolution problem (
      I use files that are at least 92dpi and have a size of 4098×2304 pixels
      You can find the screenshots in the directory \Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\screenshots\.
      I made several screenshot in the Character Creator which allows me to change clothing and facial structure.
      Next you open the image in an Image Manipulation Program (Gimp free, or Photoshop).
      Then you take the free selection program and cut a way around the figurine.
      You don’t have to cut the entire character just enough to make it fit circle.
      Then I open the free program TokenTool (
      For the game I use the maptools and a projector.

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