Community member Jean Joeri has come back with even more awesomeness for your online Star Trek Adventures campaign! Learn more about Jean by exploring a previous article regarding her great work.

Also, check out the files below for a collection of different aliens and a nice batch of Starfleet officers with different options so that all your male Bolians (for example) don’t look the same.

If you want anything else, I’m sure Jean would love to hear your suggestions! Leave them in the comments and we’ll keep building up our library of resources.


  1. Perfect! Medical Gear New Design seems to be missing?
    Perhaps a single-sided version?
    Perhaps a zipfile with seperate png files that can be easily imported into VTTs for virtual play?

  2. These are fantastic! But maybe include blank versions of the cards so people can create their own for homebrew equipment.

  3. I noticed some of the stats in the new cards don’t match with the book. Take a look at the Type-2 phaser for starters, its listed as 4 Damage, 2 Handed. Really great designs, I will definitely use an updated batch 😀

  4. You forgot the STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE PACKAGE. This would include an SI Tricorder, which includes a low-power bio-signs jammer, hiding one person from sensors. It also includes a small, personal force-field (which you added to security.) Lockpicks, Computer Override Devices, and special drugs would be included. Four officers aboard my ship, including the captain, do occasional work for SI. (The head of SI is Admiral Nyota Uhura, yes, THAT Uhura!)

  5. I just found these and really look forward to using them in my game tomorrow. This should really help some of my players. Thanks for doing this!

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