Who Got With More Women—Riker or Kirk?

rikerkirkIn this era of #metoo it stands to ask, who got with more women, Riker or Kirk?

I have a female collegue at work who, after starting to watch TOS, said, “It’s very Twilight Zone…compared to Next Gen and the non-PC sexism is actually fun and refreshing.”

Now, I would hardly call sexism EVER fun or refreshing but it did make me wonder if Riker and Kirk were traipsing troglodytes in their time period or if this was a Starfleet norm.

Still, I was hoping one of the many Trekkies that peruse our site could answer this question once and for all, with no judgment either way against the Captain or Commander.

So, who got with more women, Riker or Kirk?


  1. Dismuke, stop wasting everybody’s time. Post useful game content, not lame clickbait that adds zero of value to the game.

    If you really intended a serious discussion of sexuality in Trek (of which there’s plenty worth discussing), there are plenty of better approaches than an arbitrary frat bro contest. Knowing whether Kirk or Riker wins your little challenge tells us nothing at all, because it fails to put either of them in the context of their society. You’ve got nothing to compare them against except each other. So it’s a waste of time.

    1. Point taken. (Walking away humbly.) If You feel I should delete, say so. I didn’t mean to offend.

    2. Correct, I’m with you that a direct comparrison of Kirk and Riker leads nowhere. However, why do players of a leading role tend to invoke these characters instead of others for the behavior of their own PC? Usually running games at conventions, I noticed this on various occasions. So, an in-depth analysis of Kirk’s and Riker’s behavior and what makes them tick (this way) could be rather helpful for me…

  2. I don’t think this question to be clickbait. Being a GM at various convention games, I came to recognize that a lot of players who take on the role of the group’s leader – in my games usually the position of XO – tend to first invoke their inner Kirk or Riker before they start playing. They seem to think that giving the charming leader that tries to hit on everything of intelligent enough to be swayed is somehow expected of the role. Astonishingly, no one ever tried to be a Picard, Sisko, or Janeyway. However, some try to go for Archer, as he seems to be an even mix of Riker and Picard (half charmer half diplomat).

    So, an in-depth analysis of the question given above and/or the character behavior behind it is something that could be really helpful for me (as a GM) to understand the motivation of the players and how they see their characters.

  3. I might agree that the topic has no great value, but I don’t see why that justifies such a rude and hostile attitude. If this kind of comment is to be tolerated at this site, please tell me now and I will darken its door no further.

    1. Please don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. (Im the baby, BTW). Stick around. This type of comment and my kind of post is rare.

  4. Notes from a Lazy Mid-shipman;
    If you honestly want to compare our 2 leading men(Jean-luc doesn’t count, as he BARELY had a personal life, much less a love life), i’d be more than happy to throw my 2 bars of gold-pressed Latinum in. Let’s take a look at where/when they grew-up:
    CAPTAIN JAMES TIBERIUS KIRK — raised by a single parent(TOS his Father, Abrahmsverse his mother) who oftentimes had to leave him with relatives in Montana, he obviously had some form of abandonment issues(which explains his many Dalliances, but only 2 he’d ever really count. And both break-ups were his own admitted fault)…
    COMMANDER WILLIAM THOMAS RIKER — Raised by both parents in Canada(given his physology, probably somewhere near Ontario or The Great Lakes) whom both had the tendency towards Neglect(i know it was stated somewhere that his parents didn’t even come to his Hockey games), which somehow translated into his Original “Devil-may-care” Persona.It was mollified somewhat when he first got involved with Deanna Troi(who was rebelling against her mother at the same time, so the Federation equivalents of Bonnie&Clyde), but they couldn’t seem to make it work long distance.Afterward, he appeared to throw himself into both multiple relationships and Duty stations untill hitting The Enterprise(and,coincidently,at the same time Troi was assigned there as well)…

    From a Mathematical perspective, clearly the good Captain Kirk win this as he(with his deeply rooted abandonment issues) has “Falingered About” with the largest number of the Femme variety. The reasoning behind why they did it(mostly as both rebelling and a Coping mechanism) to me is quite facinating ounce you really look at it beyond the Bro-fest some people assume it to be(and just remember what you turn U and Me into when you do that)…

    Never forget to bring your phaser on an away mission!
    Yeoman Third class Sizemore

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