Continuing Mission’s Correspondent, Euan, Transports to Destination Star Trek 2019 in Birmingham, England

Euan at Destination Star Trek
Euan (foreground) salivates as he decides just where to start at Destination Star Trek.

What could be better than a merry gathering of Star Trek fans convening in England for all things Starfleet and more? Europe’s Official Star Trek convention, Destination Star Trek Birmingham, was held the last weekend in October. It offered fans the opportunity to meet the cast and crew, explore interactive exhibits, learn about Star Trek’s impact on science, space and technology, and enjoy parties fit for brand new worlds.

Our boy-on-the-ground, Euan “the Romulan hologram” Buchanan, made the trip from Glasgow, Scotland to witness the festivities himself. The “Wesley Crusher” of Star Trek Adventures RPG headed south to feed the need for all things Star Trek and hunted down signs of Modiphius. Now, Continuing Mission has a correspondent able to tell us about all the great happenings at Destination Star Trek.

star trek destination wrist bandMichael: Euan, first of all, I am very jealous that two of my RPG crew are at Destination Star Trek while I am stuck here in the San Francisco dodging burning embers. Why don’t you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? Try not to type in too thick a Scottish accent for our international readers.

Euan: I’m in my 5th year of high school. (Either 11 or 12th grade in the USA.) Star Trek has always had a special place for me. Ever since I was what must have been 5 years old, I watched Star Trek Enterprise and TNG with my Dad who grew up with the shows. Now I have discovered Star Trek Adventures and have two amazing groups to play in, one of which I have been in for a year now.

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You play some intriguing characters in the U.S.S. Pioneer game, the ship’s first officer Romulan Commander Jilel, along with E.C.H.O., the ship’s experimental computerized holographic officer who is the flight controller. What do you like especially about Star Trek Adventures RPG?

The game lets me explore what my own Star Trek Character would be and explore the universe where my favorite characters live. For me, Star Trek shows a perfect version of civilization; there is no more world hunger and no poverty left on earth. My favorite show is probably Enterprise mainly because it was what made me fall in love with the franchise. I also like Deep Space Nine. This showed a more militaristic version of Starfleet which I found really interesting.

george takai
George Takei says, “Trekkies are multiplying like Tribbles.”

Makes sense. Now, talk to us about your trip to Destination Star Trek in Birmingham, England.

I had the Lieutenant’s package for the event. That got me into 4 paid panels for free which was great, especially my final one with George Takei (Sulu). It was incredible knowing that you’re within 20 meters of a living legend in your community. He even compared Trekkies to tribbles. “They always keep multiplying,” he said.

Ha. Good one. And true. I know that I, for one, am so pleased when a young person such as yourself takes an interest in the greatest science fiction franchise of all time. What else was going on there?

They also had a Picard museum in the hall which included lots of props from Sir Patrick Stewart’s 15 years on the Enterprise. This included his new uniform from Star Trek Picard. I snapped a pic of that. That was incredible, knowing you are one of the first people ever to see it. We got a preview of other props too, like some wine from Chateau Picard.

If you had to pick one highlight—something you enjoyed the most—what would it be?

Meeting the cast of Enterprise! It felt amazing to talk to them and it really “humanized” them for me. I have been to several different conventions over the past few years and nothing will ever top meeting Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer and Scott MacDonald.

Four faces of Scott MacDonald

It sounds like this event was the place to be as a die-hard Trekkie?

Indeed! The atmosphere and the brilliant cosplay made by people from a Ferengi couple, a Colonel Kira lookalike, Terran Empire, and  Discovery uniforms made the event all the more precious. Even though the event has just ended, I  can’t wait for next year’s DST  so I can work on my collection of Enterprise cast autographs.

Was anyone playing Star Trek Adventures RPG?

Destination Star Trek had a Board Game Zone. So look what I found!

Gamers playing Star Trek Adventures
Gamers play Star Trek Adventures RPG at Destination Star Trek in Birmingham, England (October 2019)

That’s what I’m talking about! Euan, thanks for being our Starfleet Intelligence Office on the ground.

Destination Star Trek is returning to London in 2020, continuing the ongoing mission of discovery. euan on the bridge of the enterprise

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