The Online Menagerie Card Generator


You’ve seen the Menagerie Cards (full PDF plus index), which allows you to print, shuffle, and create 8,000 creatures for your Star Trek Adventures campaign using 20 sets of Evolution / Predation / Ethology cards. (See the first post about Menagerie Cards for how to use them, and use this link to find all the previous articles.)

Now, to make it even easier to create a creature on the spur of the moment, or if you’re not keen on printing the PDFs, I present the Online Menagerie Card Generator, version, 1.0. It is a Google Sheet document that you have to copy, so you will need a Google account. These do not have images like the PDF, unfortunately (at least in this version), but should give you a creature that you can print, save as a PDF, or just played off the screen. Instructions below:

Online Menagerie Card Generator

Step 1: Create a copy of the Online Menagerie Card Generator in Google Sheets. (The link creates a copy of the Google Sheets document in your Google Drive.)

Step 2: There are three tabs: Design By Characteristics; Randomized; and Design by Index. Choose the one you want.

Step 3: Design the creature, or randomly generate.

  • Step 3a: Design by Characteristics – choose Evolution / Predation / Ethology with the drop-down menus. Your tailored creature will be populated in the boxes above. Great if you know what kind of creature you need.
  • Step 3b: Randomized – click the checkbox, which will refresh the creature stats, randomizing it. Great if you don’t have a specific idea in mind.
  • Step 3c: Design by Index. If you know the card numbers, you can insert them in the fields.

Step 4: Print/save/play!


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