Happy Enterprise Day!

Today is January 17th, otherwise written as 17/01 (besides in the U.S.) which makes it the perfect day to celebrate the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701! This is a great tradition that I’m glad exists and to celebrate it I’ve come up with a set of new spaceframes from the era of the original Star Trek series.

Jester Dave has previously come up with a bunch to supplement the Constitution class and the Miranda class in the core rulebook. I gathered together his era-appropriate spaceframes in a single pdf for your convenience. Below that is a new pdf with six different spaceframes from the tumultuous Battle of the Binary Stars in the pilot of Star Trek: Discovery. These are the Cardenas class, the Engle class, the Hoover class, the Malachowski class, the Nimitz class, and the Shepard class. Use them for your TOS-era Star Trek Adventures game or as leftover spaceframes from a previous era. And give me feedback by all means!

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  1. There are some significant problems in a lot of the ship histories.

    A lot of them refer to Starfleet wanting warships and preparing for war, decades prior to 2256. This, when the Federation had existed almost a whole century with no wars and no major threats. The Klingons and Romulans were both isolationist at the time, hiding behind their borders for a century each, and none of the other big threats (Borg, Cardassians, Dominion, Breen) or even most smaller powers (Gorn, Ferengi, Tzenkethi) had been encountered yet. There was no reason during this era for Starfleet to expect wars. So it makes little to no sense to pretend that Starfleet would be in a big rush to arm itself heavily in the 2220s to 2240s. Ship histories refering to this need to be rewritten.

    Second, it isn’t popular among pro-war fans, but it is canon that the Defiant class of the late 24th century was Starfleet’s first dedicated warship. Pretending that DISCO era ships were intended as anything but scientific explorers is just adolescent fantasy, or leftover dregs of apocrypha from the bad old FASA days. Even the hugely powerful Crossfield-class was described primarily as a science ship.

    1. Wow, it seems like a nerve was hit! Well, this wad my attempt at melding different fan-canons and beta-canons. Your mileage may certainly vary but you should still be able to use the mechanics even if you don’t like the histories.

  2. From a canon perspective, a casual look at history will show that there are always voices looking to spend on the military regardless of current threat levels.

    And the Defiant is definitely said to be Starfleet’s first dedicated warship but I’ve chosen to take that very strictly. All of the military vessels here can reasonably take on other missions from exploration to state missions. That appears pretty regularly in this description. The Defiant,
    though, can’t reasonably do anything but fight, either in the series or in game mechanics,
    thus “dedicated warship.” Personally, I don’t think it’s feasible even a little that Starfleet existed for three centuries without any skip designs with strong combat focuses but if that’s your head canon then you can fix this in a few minutes for your campaign.

    1. You’re welcome to whatever personal fan canon you feel like, in your own game. But I’m talking from a strictly alpha canon perspective, not anything personal. If you’re going to write from any less standard perspective, it would be good ettiquette to clearly spell out your personal, non-canon assumptions, so GMs and players can identify your odd digressions with ease. This is especially important with a random mishmash of “different fan-canons and beta-canons”.

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