Introducing the Nameless NPCs Index


We recently launched the Species Index at Continuing Mission to help you locate playable species from official and homebrew content. As a living index, we’ve even added new species and options since its launch. We’ve added it as top-tier menu item as well.

Today we introduce another living index, the Nameless NPCs Index. This is meant to help you locate NPC stats that you might need at a moment’s notice, generic characters you can easily drop into a game. It isn’t an index for unique characters.

Nameless NPCs Index

We have excluded the majority of write-ups from adventures due to spoiler concerns, but we welcome comments and thoughts about this to help us evolve this tool. Also let us know if we missed anything.

Guidelines for converting the species of some common NPCs are included.

You can find it quickly under the Species Index menu item as well.


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