Introducing the Starship Index

Here’s the Starship Index, which is a living document collecting together the sources of all official starship statblocks as well as fan-made starships. Only ships that have full stats are included here, so you can play right away. For spaceframes and space stations, see our other index.

Named Federation starships are at the bottom, and we have included player ships from campaigns, if they have full stats. Think of it the list as the Star Trek Adventures meta-fleet, and have your crew encounter them or hear about them. Some sources also list the crew of that ship if you need instant NPCs.

As always, we may have missed something. Let us know and we’ll add anything missing (see the requirements on the Index), and check back for new starships on occasion.

We’ve also added a few new items recently to the Species Index, the Unnamed NPCs Index, and the Spaceframe Index.

Starship Index

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