Krenim Starship Generator

The starships of the Krenim Imperium may vary in design and capability depending on the status of any temporal incursions created by Annorax. So, it makes sense to have a procedurally-generated Krenim starship generator.

Krenim Starship Generator

Step 1: Create a copy of the Krenim Starship Generator in Google Sheets.

Step 2: Insert your Temporal Incursion Index in the yellow box, which can be any number. Do not change anything else. Each starship generated using that Index will always be the same, so you can always recreate that particular ship.

Step 3: Print and play!

Here are a couple of examples. For one, I put in a ‘random’ number, and for the other, I used a Stardate. (You can use decimals.)

STA Krenim Starship Generator2STA Krenim Starship Generator


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