Introducing the Spaceframe Index

Our newest Index is the Spaceframe Index, which is a living document collecting together official spaceframes as well as fan-made spaceframes from all Quadrants of the internet! There’s an astounding number of homebrew spaceframes, more than I thought when I started assembling this. Kudos and thanks to all the fellow gamers who have come up with such wonderful spaceframes. If you like their work, be sure to thank them directly.

Unique ships and instantly-playable starships are not included in this Index. Look for one later this year.

As a bonus, Starbase Spaceframes are included, as well as Mission Profiles and links to people’s guidelines for creating your own spaceframes.

As always, we may have missed something. Let us know and we’ll add anything missing, and check back for new spaceframes on occasion.

Also, we are looking for one or two people who are fond of spreadsheets and stats to help us update our table for this. Contact us if you would like to volunteer. Thanks!

Spaceframe Index

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