Featured Starship: U.S.S. Challenge (NCC-75099)


We are looking at another ship first mentioned in a Tuesdays at Quark’s article, the U.S.S. Challenge (NCC-75099). This is the ship that Captain Sirriv, Former Commander took over when he returned. Its mission was stated as patrolling the sectors along the Romulan Neutral Zone, but you may use this ship as you wish.

U.S.S. Challenge (PDF)Microsoft Word - USS-Challenge.docx


  1. Just curious, why did you go with the Multi-Role Explorer for the mission profile? Wouldn’t Tactical Operations have made more sense? The Defiant class was built as a warship, not an explorer.

    1. For some variation. Tactical examples are plenty for the Defiant class, so I wanted to show an example of a different profile that would be deployed for a variety of missions in unknown space, for example.

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