Featured Starship: U.S.S. Ginsburg (NCC-91820)

Fellow STA gamer Mark Compton brings us the Featured Starship of the week.

The USS Ginsburg (NCC-91820) is an Ambassador-class starship tasked primarily with diplomatic operations in mind. The vessel’s communications, sensor, and computer systems have all undergone an extensive refit to facilitate this operational mandate. Serving under the command of Captain Lucinda Désirée Durell for the past seven years, Ginsburg has spearheaded some notable first contacts, as well as overseen the negotiation of several treaties in the Beta Quadrant. While boasting a significant crew of scientists and explorers, Captain Durell also filled out the ranks of her crew with officers from the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps. Under her command, and oversight eight new worlds have joined the United Federation of Planets.

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