Covert Missions

You can tell a lot of different stories in Star Trek Adventures focusing on many different functions of Starfleet. Today we’re going to bring you support for a very specific kind of mission: covert operations.

The plots in Star Trek are always tense and engaging but a true strength of the franchise is that tension doesn’t always mean violence. Sometimes it’s emotional, sometimes it’s philosophical or investigative (which we also supported a ways back). There are many memorable episodes, though, featuring espionage and covertly infiltrating hostile bases from the extended classified mission in “Chain of Command” and sneaking aboard the Ship of the Dead in “Into the Forest” to sneaking aboard an aircraft carrier in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and reaching the Cardassian Liberation Front in “The Dogs of War.”

Understandably, though, sneaking around and spying isn’t a top priority for a game focused on Starfleet’s main missions so running those missions has been left to the GM. However, looking at the rest of the 2d20 family of games, fan and friend of the site Juan Sierra has drawn inspiration from the covert operation rules in Dishonored to create some great game options for covert missions in Star Trek Adventures.

I’m Juan Sierra, 29 year old Silicon Valley hardware architect, living with my fiance and RPG partner Gary and our orange furball Garfield. I’ve been GM’ing various RPGs for three years now, starting with D&D 5e. I’ve played Pathfinder, D&D 5e, WOIN, Paranoia RCE, Genesys, Dark Heresy 1e, and Numenera (Cypher system), but my favorite is my newest game, Star Trek Adventures. I currently run a weekly game set in the ENT Era, featuring the USS Endeavour in the prelude to the Earth-Romulus War. I’ve been a Trekkie since I moved to the US at age 9 and saw my first episode, Cause and Effect (TNG), going so far as to finish my graduation speech with the traditional Vulcan salute, ‘Live Long and Prosper‘.

The GitHub page ( ) is where I will be uploading all homebrew missions, but I will also be posting them at the Star Trek Adventures subreddit under u/tapanther.


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