Charles Jinkins: Alien Species and Ship Generator

Another great fan submission from Charles Jinkins. He writes:

“First off, I have to say that I’m a huge fan of Star Trek Adventures. The game mechanics generally flow really well and are very intuitive and easy to pick up for new players. It comes, as well, with a great community of people. Fan-made content is easily found, not to say that the books themselves don’t have a ton of content. You have stats for a wide variety of ships, allies, and adversaries. 

As a long-time GM/ST/DM of various games in various settings over the years, I sometimes find that you want to create something new, something players who may know the setting have never have encountered before. This is where I, personally, struggle with STA, creating an entirely new Alien race from NPCs to Starships.

So I made two generators on Google Sheets, after some number crunching, compiling, working out averages, and stat blocks, I then had to learn a formula I’d never used before on Sheets (Not going to lie, I’m a dabbler *at best* with Sheets!).

The result is these two generators, make a few choices from drop-down boxes, and you have the mechanical side of a new species/ship ready for you to build upon. 

I made these primarily for myself, to make my life easier, but figured I’d share it for anyone to use, and I hope someone else finds them useful too!

Alien Species Generator

Alien Ship Generator

Good luck!”

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