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Submitted by Dr. Professor Muir (Michael asks: Is it “doctor” or “professor” or both?)

I’m a Forever GM, who is running his first Star Trek Adventures Campaign, Star Trek: Concord. Before this, I have run other games such as an Old Republic Campaign in Star Wars D20, a Post-Endor Campaign with the Star Wars SAGA System, and a Wild West Fantasy Game using D20 Modern. Along with a whole host of smaller one-shots over the years. Outside of Tabletop Gaming, I am a recently graduated College Student with a Bachelor’s Degree in History Education, soon to be going into an Undergrad Program to get my Master’s, and I like to mix much of my history background into my games. Something I am looking forward to doing with ST: Concord.

My current game is full of interesting characters, and all of the players, myself included, are brand new to Star Trek Adventures, but so far, we are loving it. Concord follows the story of a newly launched Excelsior Mk2 (Enterprise-B Refit) in the year 2348. The ship and crew are on their shakedown cruise, and for most of the characters, this is the first assignment as bridge crew. The crew consists of Commander Andrew Williams, a Human First Officer who was pushed into the command track by the Concord’s Captain. Commander Chandra Aphelion is the Chief Medical Officer with a quiet past. Lt. Commander Zina, a Deltan Diplomat who secretly plans to ignore his cultural vows. Lt. Commander U’kesh Tyaka, a hairless Caitian offshoot who is Chief of Security, Lt. Commander D’ronoa, our Orion Chief Engineer who is a Mirror Universe refugee. There is also Sai’ree, a Vulcan Human Hybrid Science Officer. Mr. Hotaru Gloval, the ship’s helmsman, Fyodor Alexandrovich Nakhimmov, the Ship’s Counselor / Morale Officer, and finally Alema’Toquema. A Rylathian (Twi’lek) Operations Officer. In the player’s defense, he has written more original lore for the Rylathians compared to many canon species and went well beyond what I asked him to do.

We’re a large group who play over Discord and roll 20, with the main game happening on the weekend and the various players RPing ship life stories during the week. All of them have different knowledge backgrounds for Star Trek, ranging from highly knowledgeable, to moderate, and a few are so new this could almost be classified as their first experience. Outside of an Episode here and there.

Ex Astris Scientia - Galleries - Starfleet Medical Equipment

Dr. Professor Muir’s Spectacular Equipment Spreadsheet!

The main reason why I put together the Equipment sheet was due to the broad spectrum of knowledge levels between my players. I wanted to create a list that any player, no matter their knowledge background, would be able to look at the sheet, and quickly figure out the in-universe function of a piece of Equipment.

This includes the gameplay mechanics and a link to Memory Alpha. The Equipment list also covers the basics of Federation Technology such as Transporters, Replicators, and Warp Drives. At the same time, it helps to speed up games, as my players and myself don’t have to dig into the books for the basic info, but it does list the book and page number for further reading.

Hopefully, other GMs and players will find this useful for both their table and online games. I also encourage anyone to copy the sheet and modify it for their needs too.  

Disclaimer, this sheet was originally started from the Equipment Document at the Fjords of Africa Blog’s Resource page. I can’t claim the original idea. I only put it into Google Sheets, updated it with new equipment, and added the description notes. Along with a few other additions. 


  1. “and finally Alema’Toquema. A Rylathian (Twi’lek) Operations Officer. In the player’s defense, he has written more original lore for the Rylathians compared to many canon species and went well beyond what I asked him to do.”

    and in my defence…
    … alright i have no defense.

    it started as joke too when we were discussing characters.

    at least I’m having fun writing that lore 😛

    1. So far you have given me, documents for

      Rylathains Species Overview
      Starfleet Medical File – Rylathians
      The Rylathian Anthem
      Rylathian Fire Arms ( With Stats, I should add them to our Custom Equipment Guide)
      Rylathian Cities and Locations ( With short descriptions about each one )
      Rylathian Laws
      Rylathian Clans
      Rylathian Armed Forces Anthems ( Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, but no Coast Guard. Poor Coast Guard. )
      Rylathian Timeline (Going back to 3760 BC)
      Starfleet Intel Report on the Rylathian Office of Naval Intelligence Alpha Facility
      Rylathian Armed forces Uniforms…

      But I know on posting this, you are no doubt going to send me even more in the next few days.

      1. How dare you call me out like this >.>

        …I might in fact be working on thing or two to send over
        and maybe improving one or two things i already sent

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