STA Newbie, Part VI—Chapter 4 of the Gamemaster’s Guide

Hey, ya’ll. This is Michael Dismuke. You know me from Continuing Missions and as a freelance writer for STA. My nephew was given a school project to blog. When he told me about it, I told him I could make him famous (well, among the STA crowd) by inviting him to blog about his experience learning the game for the first time. Yep, you get to join us on this journey. [I might sometimes chime in to give the boy some guidance.] This will be a good training tool to teach him to be a blogger and a Trekkie all in one shot! Make sure to give him some shout-outs and encouragement as he learns why we all love Star Trek and STA!

Chapter 4 did a great job explaining how to start up the game. The chapter found the right players, story, and content style. I enjoyed how chapter 4 went over common role play styles, which is helpful for someone like me who has never role-played.

Chapter 4, while short, taught me a lot about role-playing. I didn’t think a thing generally played by children could be so unique and so complex. [Children? What’s that supposed to mean?] I never knew that things such as traits of a character and even how a character looks and acts can change the story so drastically. [I’m still fuming over the “children” comment.]

Once I learned all these lessons, the chapter inspired me to want to play. I cannot wait to play with my uncle. [Not until we sort out that “children” comment.]

Thanks to chapter 4, I now know how to play and commit. Chapter 4 also taught me great ideas on having good traits and a good personality while playing with other people so everyone can have a good time. This chapter also showed me how time and place are significant when making a good story.

In summary, chapter 4 gave excellent advice on playing a good game and having fun. I not only learned about the type of missions but how to plan a fun mission with problems, casualties, and an overall great story. Chapter 4 has given me great hope and excitement for what is to come in chapter 5.

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  1. These entries are a fascinating read. It’s very enlightening to get to watch another person’s journey in discovering the ins and outs of this game.

    And it’s really encouraging to see that even a 14 year old can find value in something that is almost exclusively played by us children.

  2. I find it humorous that a 14-year old has made the same argument about games that adults throughout time have said – even complex games that are difficult for an adult to even understand and play – as “for children”, just because it is a game.

    It is the same problem we have where “live-action” adaptations of superior animated movies/tv somehow makes it more “adult”.

    I am just glad that TTRPGs are seeing a general acceptance now among the general population as not just “for children”.

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