Alien Species: The Endalla


William Parker is a 30-something guy who has been telling stories since he was able to talk. He started doing online roleplaying forums in high school and slowly shifted into DND 5e during college in the early 2010s. His love of Star Trek started young and he would say that two of the four values on his character sheet come from Star Trek. His mother fed him as a baby while watching TNG, and there has never been a point in his life where Star Trek was far from reach. He got into Star Trek Adventures through a roll20 group in 2018, shortly after the game started, and he began GMing his own adventure a year later.

You can check out his older adventures on Youtube and you can watch the continuing adventures of the USS Gungnir on her third season, live every Thursday at 7 pm EDT over on Twitch.

Endalla Bud

William writes, “The Endalla are a race of sentient Myconid that have advanced psionic abilities built over their evolution as a scavenger race. They have enslaved the native mammalian race, named Yalto on their planet and breed them as cattle, even though the Yalto are capable of advanced thought. The Endalla have little regard for other mammalian races and consider them slaves and soon to be food. There are individuals in Endalla culture, but their idea of personhood is fluid based on their ability to make Bud that can carry out their bidding. The Endalla culture appreciates and loves to use tricks, deception, and duplicity. They will admire someone who can come up with a trick they could not solve, and will be flattered if they can solve a particularly difficult puzzle.”


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