Dominic Fucile Presents: B-Class Waystation

Image credit of Fantastic Plastic

This one is a bit of a deep cut, only appearing as a background piece to the U.S.S. Bonaventure in the 2006 “Ships of the Line” calendar. The B-Class was designed by Meni, known for his work on DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise, but otherwise has no history or background beyond being the “B-Class Waystation”

I thought the design was unique and wanted to do something with it, including an explanation for the crazy glowing column between the primary and secondary hulls. I came up with a concentrated graviton field to supplement the station’s tractor beams!

I also recently used this starbase class in a TOS Station game, in which it took on the role of “Outpost 10” along the Romulan border, hence my inclusion of that part of its history within the class overview.

Credit to Patric Henson for the TOS sheet template!

Image from 2006 Ships of the Line

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  1. When I first saw that glowy column in the original image, I thought it was just reflected sunlight off the middle support strut, but it’s way too bright for that. What in-universe purpose would that glowy column serve, anyway? Too bad we can’t ask Meni…

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