Fan Write-Up: USS TITAN NCC-80102-A

By: Mark L. Compton

[This article was submitted to Continuing Missions before the revelations of Picard’s last episode.]

So, we have all been looking at this beauty of a ship, and wondering what her stats would be. We have a baseline, as the official log says she is a refit of the Luna-class Titan. Using that as a baseline we can establish a general outline.

Being launched in 2401 gives her 60 systems points to play with per the U.P. Sourcebook. Then, thanks to the wonderful Doug Drexler (Thank you Doug for giving me permission to use your photos) we can see one of the major changes is that the Titan-A has Phaser Strips and Banks, so I had to factor that in as well. 

(Photo by: John Eaves) 
(Photo Courtesy of Doug Drexler)

I decided with the Massive Impulse (and redundant Impulse Engines) to give her the Improved Impulse Engines talent while keeping the Improved Warp Drive from the Luna. (U.P. Sourcebook pg. 187). Some things remain the same, such as the Secondary Reactors, Advanced Research, and Sensors, while we lose the EMH. Going off what we have seen on screen thus far, she does not carry Quantum Torpedoes, so I did not include them. 

(Photo Courtesy: Doug Drexler) 

I decided that since this refit focused more on engines, and therefore that is where I put the majority of the extra systems points. 

As far as departments go, as a multi-role explorer, she has 2 points in each department. and the base spaceframe for the Constitution III as +1 Conn, +1 Engineering, +1 Science 

I hope everyone enjoys this write-up. 

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Peace and Long Live


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