Probability Matrix: Dramatic Situations in a Jane Austen Novel. Waitasecond! What does this have to do with Star Trek Adventures: Captain’s Log?

I’m pushing probability matrixes to the next level. Roll a d20 to encounter a dramatic situation that might occur in a Jane Austen novel—oops, I mean a Captain’s Log Adventure.

Incorporating dramatic situations commonly found in Jane Austen novels into Star Trek Adventures: Captain’s Log stories can add depth, intrigue, and emotional resonance to the sci-fi narrative. By blending the manners and societal dynamics of Austen’s world with the futuristic setting of Star Trek, you can create unique and engaging storylines that explore both interpersonal relationships and the challenges of space exploration. Use the following probability matrix and have some dramatic fun!

  1. Sudden Inheritance: A character unexpectedly inherits a vast fortune or an estate, leading to envy and intrigue among the society.
  2. Forbidden Romance: Two characters from different social classes fall deeply in love, facing opposition and societal pressure.
  3. Jealous Rivalry: A jealous suitor or rival tries to sabotage the protagonist’s chance at love and happiness.
  4. Family Scandal: A scandalous secret from a character’s family history comes to light, threatening their reputation and social standing.
  5. Lost Letters: Essential letters that hold critical information are misplaced, leading to misunderstandings and miscommunications.
  6. Masked Ball: A grand masquerade ball provides the perfect backdrop for hidden identities, mistaken identities, and romantic encounters.
  7. Duel Challenge: A heated dispute between two characters escalates to the point of a challenge for a duel, risking lives and relationships.
  8. Financial Ruin: A character’s family faces financial ruin, leading to desperate measures to secure their future.
  9. Mysterious Stranger: A captivating stranger arrives in town, shrouded in mystery and attracting both curiosity and suspicion.
  10. Broken Engagement: An engagement is unexpectedly broken off, causing heartbreak and gossip within the community.
  11. Elopement: Two characters elope in secret to be together, causing a scandal and alienating their families.
  12. Manipulative Matchmaking: A well-intentioned but misguided matchmaker tries to pair characters together, leading to amusing and awkward situations.
  13. Rival Suitors: Two suitors compete for the affection of the same character, creating tension and rivalry.
  14. Family Feud: Two prominent families are embroiled in a long-standing feud, complicating the relationships of their younger members.
  15. Social Outcast: A character becomes a social outcast due to their unconventional behavior or past actions.
  16. Hidden Identity: A character conceals their true identity for fear of rejection or judgment from others.
  17. Love Triangle: A love triangle emerges, with three characters entangled in conflicting emotions and desires.
  18. Inherited Obligations: A character is burdened with family obligations, conflicting with their personal desires.
  19. Secret Engagement: Two characters secretly become engaged, trying to keep their love hidden from society’s watchful eyes.
  20. Unexpected Return: A long-lost relative or lover returns, disrupting the status quo and revealing long-buried secrets.

Enjoy your dramatic adventures in the world of Jane Austen’s novels! Ugh. I mean, Captain’s Log.


  1. As a voracious fiction reader and lover of all things Trek, it’s this kind of thing that makes me want to play this game SO BADLY.

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