Character Datafile: Moopsey!!!!

Character design by Aaron Pollyea

Scientific Name: Moopsius Terriblius
Common Name:
Environment and Niche: Tropical to Temperate Forests
Diet: Calcium from carbon-based life forms bones
Traits: Calcivore, Top Predator, Cute


It is unknown what world Moopsius Terribilus, or the common ‘Moopsie’ originates from. Encounters with the creature are rare and occur across many settled worlds. Currently, it is assumed that the Moopsie is a creature that exists as a space-bourne creature that only occasionally finds its way to the surface of a planet, or is deliberately transported to new worlds via warp-capable vessels.

Moopsie (singular and plural) possess small limbs giving them a clumsy seeming gate, large eyes that make them seem child-like, soft short pure white fur that seems as if it would be luxuriant to the touch, and a hunting call that sounds like a small child saying ‘Moopsie’. Its small limbs hide powerful muscles capable of hurling the creature meters at a time, and its large eyes give it excellent night vision and allow it to be an effective ambush predator. Their fur is in fact small tubules that vent waste from their digestive tract, and a mouth that can extend to nearly a meter wide in some cases, capable of extending a feeding proboscis deep inside a creature before injecting its prey with highly concentrated hydrochloric acid to dissolve the calcium in the victims bones, then ingesting the resulting slurry.

Moopsie are extremely dangerous and can kill even a well-prepared person in moments. Any sightings of a Moopsie should be immediately reported to your local planetary ecological authorities which will deploy armed response and containment teams to the location.

Scale: Small


Control – 3
Daring – 9
Fitness – 5
Insight – 3
Presence – 5
Reason – 3


Command – 0
Conn – 0
Security – 2
Engineering -0
Science – 0
Medicine – 1

Focus: Leaping

Attack: External Digestion: Melee 3CD Persistent 6, Piercing 3

Talent: Cute Gene—Like Earth cats, the Moopsie possesses traits that endear it to other predators, often referred to as the ‘cute gene’. This typically gives a creature traits that make it unassuming, make it seem to be helpless, its actions can resemble play, and it makes sounds akin to infants. If a creature has not encountered a Moopsie before, they suffer from a Complication of “Aww! It’s harmless” that applies until the Moopsie feeds. At that point, characters lose the original complication and replace it with “Sheer Terror”. After the first encounter characters do not suffer from the Complication unless the Moopsie is uncontained.

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