Incorporating Lwaxana Troi into Star Trek Adventures RPG: Dazzling Diplomacy and Dramatic Flair!

Lwaxana Troi, Daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed… and, of course, Deanna Troi’s formidable mother. Her larger-than-life personality, impeccable fashion sense, and uncanny ability to make almost anyone uncomfortable makes her an invaluable asset (or sometimes a hilarious obstacle) in any Star Trek Adventures RPG game.

But how can you incorporate this iconic character and her vivaciousness effectively? Here’s how, along with some potential story encounters!

1. Diplomatic Dilemmas:

Lwaxana is an accomplished diplomat. Use her flair for diplomacy as an essential component of a mission.

  • The Feuding Planets: The Federation asks the crew to mediate between two warring planets. Lwaxana is sent as the key diplomat because of her empathic abilities. But her directness stirs the pot even more. The crew has to both manage Lwaxana and find a peaceful resolution.

2. Lost & Found:

Lwaxana’s knack for getting into (and out of) tricky situations is legendary.

  • Kidnapped!: Lwaxana is visiting a planet renowned for its art. The crew’s mission is straightforward – escort her and ensure she doesn’t purchase the entire planet. But she suddenly disappears, and the crew finds themselves in the middle of a mystery filled with art theft, secret underground auctions, and double-crosses.

3. Love in Unexpected Places:

Lwaxana’s romantic pursuits can become the central or sub-plot of a story.

  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Lwaxana falls head over heels for an ambassador from a culture that prohibits romance. The crew finds themselves playing secret messengers, trying to avert diplomatic incidents, and perhaps helping (or hindering) a forbidden love story.

4. Mind Matters:

Her telepathic abilities and status as a Betazoid can be central to a mission.

  • The Silent Planet: A planet reaches out to Starfleet, but communication is only possible through thought. Lwaxana becomes the main communicator, but what she uncovers is a deep-seated planetary secret that poses moral and ethical challenges to the crew.

5. Family Matters:

Utilize the mother-daughter relationship of Deanna and Lwaxana.

  • The Troi Legacy: Lwaxana invites the crew to Betazed for a ceremony that involves Deanna. But when they arrive, they’re thrown into Betazoid politics, with Lwaxana at the center of a plot to challenge her titles and heritage.

6. Cultural Conundrums:

Her penchant for embracing and sometimes clashing with cultures can be great for comedic or dramatic plots.

  • The Modesty Mission: Lwaxana is invited to a planet where emotions (and telepathy) are taboo. The crew has to navigate the sensitive cultural norms while ensuring Lwaxana doesn’t inadvertently spark an intergalactic incident.

Incorporating Lwaxana Troi into your Star Trek Adventures RPG sessions can add layers of depth, humor, drama, and unpredictability. With her in the mix, missions are anything but ordinary. Whether she’s the key to solving a critical mission or just there to keep things lively, one thing’s for sure: it’ll be an adventure to remember!

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  1. I used Lwaxana in a scenario where the Crew were working to convince a newly warp-capable species to ally with the Federation as a protectorate, rather than the offers they were receiving from the Orions, Cardassians, and Ferengi, and one of the things I enjoyed the most about having her on board was having her deliver advice—often semi-embarrassing and super-personal advice, but definitely on-point advice—to the characters, usually in front of other crew-members.

    That whole radical honesty thing Betazoids do allowed for some really interesting character moments, like her telling the First Officer (who was her, uh, romantic “target”) that his honouring of his former wife *could* coincide with enjoying his life—isn’t that what she’d want for him? The group’s science officer, who is a joined Trill who was an “accident” joining (ie: he never did Initiate training, and was on-site when a symbiont injured in an accident needed a new host), had been really struggling with keeping his previous hosts influences in line.

    “Life’s truest gift is to enjoy enjoyment, Evet. Those troubles and doubts and worries will be there whether or not you’re having fun, so why not have fun while you’re at it? Play with all those wonderful people you’ve got along for the ride. You’ve been treating them like a problem to solve. Try treating them like accomplices.”

    And then the ship’s half-Vulcan, half-Betazoid counselor got this:

    “You know, you remind me a little of my daughter, Deanna. She’s had to walk two paths at the same time, too.” (Beat.) “And you could both use a wardrobe change.”

    Honestly, though it was intimidating to play her—I mean, who can be Majel other than Majel?—it was so much fun. If you’re bringing her aboard, I suggest looking at her Values and crafting some sort of (unwanted, unasked for, but likely very true) advice for her to drop on your players’ characters.

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