The nomadic Suliban first appeared in Enterprise. They are a species with mottled green skin, and those in the Suliban Cabal have futuristic genetic enhancements.

The Suliban Cabal was a radical group that allied themselves with an agent from the future, and accepted advanced genetic modifications that gave them extraordinary abilities not available to non-Cabal Suliban. Such genetic enhancements range from chameleon-like invisibility, shape-changing, enhanced vision, and more.

The threat of the Suliban Cabal seemed to have been eliminated after the cessation of the Temporal Cold War, but it could be the case that genetically-altered Suliban remain active in later eras. They may be independent agents or involved with further Temporal Cold War factions. If they are still allied with factions from the future, they may have access to technology beyond their current era. For example, they had access to cloaking technology for their cell ships during their encounters with the U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01. Suliban nomads may still be wandering space, seeking a home.

Presented below are stats for the Suliban Nomad (Minor NPC) and the Genetically-Enhanced Suliban (Notable NPC).

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