Generating Threat: Enterprise Enemies

Welcome to Generating Threat, which adds new hostile NPCs and ships to the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

Supporting this month’s theme of Star Trek: Enterprise, this blog focuses on the various foes found in the Rise of the Federation Era, including the Xindi and the Suliban, supporting this month’s theme of Star Trek: Enterprise. 


The Suliban are technically not a classical foe, and their involvement in history was artificially, being caused by the Temporal Cold War and interference from the future. However, counter forces prevented the Suliban Cabal from radically altering Human and Federation history. However, this is not to say the Suliban Cabal could not act with its own interests in mind even after the Temporal Cold War ended, perhaps trying to find a new homeland for their people or taking revenge for the persecution of Suliban refugees. And refugee Suliban can be found throughout the sectors surrounding Earth, and might be a presence in events unrelated to the temporal conflict.

Suliban Helix, copyright Star Trek Online/ Cryptic Studios


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Suliban Cell Ship   Suliban Stealth Ship - pic

Cell Ship Black

Stealth Ship Black


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Cabal Infiltrator  Cabal Asssassin

Infiltrator Black

Assassin Black


Another opposing force is the Xindi, who were responsible for an attack on Earth in the 2150s. Manipulated by another force in the Temporal Cold War, the aggressive Reptilian and Insectoid forces might continue to be a hazard for years after the Xindi Crisis. Even had time travellers not aimed the Xindi at the Earth, the belligerent and conflict driven factions of that species might have come into conflict with Starfleet. With the Delphic Expanse removed, trade routes might be radically altered, and the Xindi might attempt to become a power in the region… or a menace to other factions in the former Expanse.


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Insectoid Warship Reptilian Ship Pic

Insectoid Warship Black

Reptilian Warship Black


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Xindi-Insectoid NPC  Reptillian Soldier

Insectoid Black

Reptillian Soldier Black

Reptillian Commander

Reptilian Commander Black


  1. You did great work again! I really like these foes and am eager to use them in some kind of One-Shot.

    But I mentioned a small mistake: The “Overview” and “Capabilities” paragraphs for the Reptilian Warship are the same as for the Insectoid Warship.

    Best wishes and live long and in prosper!

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