First Contact: The Pranir

Here is a First Contact scenario featuring the Pranir, an ‘owl-snake’ species in a hitherto unexplored region of space (which may be located in any Quadrant). They are star-faring merchants, although they use a non-warp method of crossing vast distances in space, which may raise Prime Directive concerns.

Below are a First Contact Briefing (with Encounter Seeds), Pranir NPCs (Minor, Notable, and Major), Pranir Starships, and a write-up of the Pranir as a playable species, for however you wish to use them.

The Pranir were created by my friend Dave Van Domelen for a shared-world universe that he, I and others write for, and are used here with his permission and input. A history of their species, as told by a Pranir, is available here.

First Contact Briefing: The Pranir
Microsoft Word - FirstContact-STA-Pranir.docx

Pranir Trader (Minor NPC) and Pranir Smuggler (Notable NPC)Microsoft Word - NPC-STA-Pranir.docx

Seeks-New-Horizons, Pranir Opportunist (Major NPC)
Microsoft Word - NPC-STA-PranirMajor.docx

Pranir Courier Ship and Pranir Trader Ship
Microsoft Word - Starship-STA-Pranir.docx

Pranir as a Playable SpeciesMicrosoft Word - STA-Pranir.docx

Adventure Tag: ADV004, ADV005


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