First Contact: The T!rir


Here is another alien species you may encounter, either in Pranir Space in The Space Beyond, or wherever you need a new alien species. As this is likely a first contact scenario, players beware – your GM may wish to use this species in an encounter.

The T!rir resemble Earth mantises. The closest analogue to their biology is the insect. Socially the comparison is much closer, as they function with a hive mentality, setting up a natural aristocracy and a biologically determined caste system. T!rir are approximately 2m tall. They possess exoskeletons but have a more efficient method of respiration and circulation than insects do. T!rir lifespans can reach over 300 years, more if the individual enters hibernation.

Their society is consensus driven. They are uncomfortable in small groups. Their society is also called the T!rir Consensus. They once had a great star-spanning non-warp empire, but due to many factors (fertility problems, for one), their empire waned. Perhaps as few as a million now live. Despite their small numbers and lack of cultural vibrancy, the T!rir wield great power due to their technical knowledge and scientific skills. Horrible cloning experiments have caused the T!rir to abandon that method as a way to increase their numbers.

Enclaves of T!rir can be found in Pranir Space, and work harmoniously with the Pranir (for the most part). They use the same ships as the Pranir. They are mostly found as capable technicians and advisors, content to let younger species pursue true innovation. Once something works well enough for the T!rir, they stop. One in a million T!rir might be curious enough to push farther, and one in a million of those might have the talent to do something important alone.

Barbaric T!rir cultures may be found almost anywhere in this part of space, cut off when their ancient empire started to decay.  Some will be as far regressed as to be neolithic, while others will retain irregular traces of high tech.

In terms of the Prime Directive, neither the advanced T!rir or the barbaric T!rir are technically warp-capable, despite having traveled the stars with their unique hyperdrive (see the Pranir entry for specifics of that technology).

I present below the T!rir as a playable species, as well as barbaric T!rir as Minor NPCs, and T!rir Citizens as Notable NPCs. As with the Pranir, the T!rir were created in conjunction with Dave Van Domelen.

T!rir Species (PDF)Microsoft Word - STA-T!rir.docxBarbaric T!rir (Minor NPC) and T!rir Citizen (Notable NPC) (PDF)Microsoft Word - NPC-STA-Trir.docx

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