Red Alert Supplemental: Squad Coasters


The new Red Alert miniature rules add a new dimension to Star Trek Adventures gaming. The hex-coasters on this site can be used to set up tabletop battles easily. One difference is the concept of the squad, which are several models of the same type working in unison. There are some special rules depending on how many models remain in the squad.

The Squad Coasters are designed to encapsulate some of the additional rules involved with Squads. It’s very easy to create Red Alert squads simply by picking a hex-coaster (usually a non-unique unit) and overlaying it on the Squad Coaster, as below.


Currently the hex-coasters on our site are from the Living Campaign modules, so there may be spoilers, but there will be future Red Alert Supplementals with new hex-coasters you may use without fear of spoiling an adventure. Stay tuned.

Grab a copy of the Red Alert rules, print out some hex-coasters, and stage some squad battles!

Click image for PDF


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