Starship Sundays: Vulcan D’Kyr

Welcome to Starship Sunday, presenting a new spaceframe for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

For June, I’m doing something different and veering away from Starfleet into the ships built by allied humanoid races who joined the Federation. These spaceframes can be used for local defence ships, or decommissioned military vessels that have fallen into civilian (or mercenary) hands. Or they could be loaner ships crewed by the players for a single mission or two.

Note: Several ships this month could be used in a campaign set prior to the founding of the Federation, so I’m setting their System numbers fairly low. However, these ships undergo refits normally. And it would be easy to modify them for use in campaigns set in the default era (although, the limit on the number of refits a ship can receive might need to be ignored in this instance).

This week is the Vulcan D’Kyr, the military counterpart to the science vessel in the Beta Quadrant Sourcebook. Several ships of this type were seen in Star Trek: Enterprise. This seems to be a common class of ship in the Vulcan fleet, making them useful for Vulcan crews in the Rise of the Federation era. It’s be an interesting twist to play a group of Vulcan explorers encountering the NX-Enterprise or Columbia, or participating in the war with Romulus. Or even a mixed crew in a campaign set just after the founding of the Federation, with the first humans serving on a Vulcan vessel.

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  1. I really like your spaceframe for I’m a fan of the D’kyr Class. But isn’t Scale 3 too small? It always seems to me that these ship were pretty big. (Please excuse my bad english)

    1. Good question. Thank you for commenting.
      The D’Kyr pretty large in comparison to the NX-1 Enterprise. I considered upgrading to scale 4, as they’re arguably longer than the Constitution-class. But as half the ship is empty space, I opted to go small. I’m not entirely happy with that decision and might change it.

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