Accolade Role: Field Docent


Today we explore a new concept: the Accolade Role. This is similar to the Medals concept, where you spend Reputation for a special benefit. The normal Role that the character remains usable.

The first Accolade Role is for a Joined Trill, called Field Docent, based on the DS9 episode “Playing God“. Jadzia was the field docent for Arjin, an unjoined Trill initiate.


COST: 2 Reputation

CONDITIONS: The character must be a Joined Trill in good standing with the Symbiosis Commission, and is in Federation space or close enough that a Trill Initiate is able to go to the character’s location easily.

BENEFIT: You receive an extra Crew Support that must be spent at the start of the next mission. The Supporting Character must be an unjoined Trill Initiate, a civilian, who likely has never been previously introduced (the GM may allow exceptions). The Trill Initiate is defined at the start of the mission and has the following special Talent: once per scene, when attempting a Task while in communication with the field docent, the character may add 1 to Threat to re-roll his or her dice pool.

DECISION: At the end of the mission, the field docent must decide whether to recommend the Trill Initiate or wash them out of the program (assuming they did not die during the mission). If the Trill Initiate is injured or killed, it is a Negative Influence for the mission. If the field docent makes this decision carefully and honestly (at Gamemaster’s discretion), this may be treated as a Positive Influence for the mission. If this decision goes against the Symbiosis Board’s requirements (at the Gamemaster’s discretion), this may be treated as a Negative Influence for the mission.


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