Replicator Resource: Trill Central Database Host Tracker

Since Joined Trill characters likely have had or will have multiple hosts, it may be helpful to track what has been established about each host. Here is a form-fillable Trill Central Database Host Tracker, to track different hosts. There is space to record any Focuses that a Joined Trill may have invoked during play using the Joined Talent. This will also help if a Trill character is undergoing a zhian’tara ritual, as other players can play previous hosts with the help of the information tracked on this form.

Click on image for PDF



  1. Great idea! I was just thinking about the Trill today, specifically thinking about how most Trill are unjoined and wondering what kind of characters they might be. Then thinking about joined Trill and how neat they could be. A sheet like this will definitely help. Thanks!

  2. I just gave 2 of my crew who are Trill a double-sided copy of this because they’ve established nothing about their previous hosts. I’ve got an upcoming plot where they’ll need to know this stuff.

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