Agent N, Chameloid Assassin

Hey everyone, long time no see, right? First of all, sorry that I missed last week’s NPC and that this one is going up late. This actually has led me to think that a change of plans is in order. Next month will be the last month for Tuesdays at Quark’s, at least for a while. After that I’ll be posting other STA projects that I’ve been working on. For today, though, say hello to Agent N!

Like the Xindi, there’s nothing directly about Chameloids in the Mirror Universe canon so I’m free to figure it out myself! I see the Chameloids as a sort of a mystery to the Terran Empire, a useful tool that becomes a lot less useful if the Empire launches a pogrom as is their usual response. They keep most of them at arm’s reach but Agent N has proven reliable, even if they are also pretty mysterious.

Here are a few plot hooks to get started with this character.

  • The crew is instructed to pick up a refugee with important information for the Empire. Once the informant is aboard, though, they realize that it’s Agent N, the trusted assassin of the Empire. On their way back to a secure starbase, Klingon ships start to pursue the crew and Agent N refuses to say why they might be after them.
  • Mailys Sault orders the crew to stop so that she can interrogate them about a recent breach in security, using Mehona Tre to question the crew and Agent N to take care of anyone who tries something.
  • On a sensitive mission, a local contact leads the crew into an ambush. They manage to catch the contact before he can get away, though injuries nearly kill the man. Once he’s back in their sickbay, the crew realizes that it’s actually a chameloid, specifically the assassin Agent N. What have they stumbled into?

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