Replicator Resources: How To Manage Wide-Angle Phaser Strikes in Star Trek Adventures RPG

Star-Trek-Art-Cover-Mock-Up-Promo-No-Logos_grandeHow does setting a phaser on a wide beam to hit multiple opponents work in Star Trek Adventures RPG? This is a question I asked myself as—for the first time in 18 gaming sessions—my players prepared to attack a squadron of six enemies who had them captive.

For actual episodic reference to this effect, there are many episodes to check out. As all you know-it-alls know, a phaser beam can be focused to a single spot or widened to impact a large area. A wide-field stun setting was used when large groups needed to be stunned with a single shot in TOS: “The Return of the Archons“. The level 16 wide-field setting could easily destroy half of a large building with a single shot. (TNG: “Frame of Mind“) Scary stuff. Some other cool tricks are available too. Personnel phasers were normally set to fire a single steady stream of nadion particles. However, this beam could be widened to perform a phaser sweep.

tuvok wide angle phaser beam.JPG

Some of you are thinking, “I know the answer to your question. It’s in the Core Rulebook! Look it up!”

But, hey, I wanted instant gratification. So, I posted the Star Trek Adventures RPG Facebook page instead, where throngs of STA geeks peruse the forum like perverts walk around Risa. (Bad analogy?) And I got great responses, which of course pointed me to the exact page references in the rulebook that I needed to enable my crew to take out multiple targets at once. (Laziness paid off.)

First, the gurus sent me to Chapter 8, page 193. This highlights the need for a player character to perform a Charge Minor Action first, changing the setting of the weapon.

Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook Charge

They then reminded me of the Area effect.

Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook Area

I, of course, needed to make sure I knew which weapons have the Area effect available. So, I referenced the handy chart.

Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook Weapons Table

Thanks to all you geeks and gurus that made my day so much nicer. I love the Star Trek Adventures community!

Now, let’s go wipe out a swath of bad guys!

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