Tracking A Campaign Timeline With Trello


I’ve set my campaign in 2371, set in the Shackleton Expanse, using adventures from various sources. My players completed Season One this week, so I thought it’s a good time to share the chronology, as well as the Trello Board we use to track the timeline.

(EDIT TO EXPLAIN TRELLO) Trello are online boards that are like index cards. You can attach images, text, and add comments (among other things) to each card. They are easy to move around, and you can allow other members of your campaign to open a free account so that it becomes a shared resource for your gaming group.

Trello Board for Star Trek Adventures Sample Timeline

This is a condensed board that you may copy and adapt to your own purposes. Trello is free, and all my players have access to the campaign board.

I created a column for just the adventures of Star Trek: Sojourner (my players’ ship), as well as a column of events from the general timeline in a second column. This makes it easier to see at a glance what else was happening in the canon timeline. Just add or delete cards as needed. I plotted out four years’ worth of Stardates, from 2371-2374, in this version.

You can also see the adventures that the crew embarked upon. I have deleted the episode descriptions to avoid spoilers, but you can add them to each card.


We also use Trello to track other things in the campaign, but the chronology is the most useful aspect.

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