Featured Starship: U.S.S. Mogami (NCC-44785)


The U.S.S. Mogami was introduced in the Living Campaign adventure, “We Are The Star That Sing With Our Life”. It is a Calypso-class starship operated by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. I had come up with the stats for the Mogami a while back, and included it in the Living Campaign Supplemental Hex-Coasters for that adventure. There isn’t an official Calypso-class spaceframe as yet, so I had to come up with one.

The Calypso-class is a fan design for a game called Star Trek: Fleet Operations, designed by Nathan Zeichler. Here is the YouTube channel video for it. There is a full description of the Calypso-class there.

To reverse-engineer the Calypso-class from the U.S.S. Mogami, the Calypso-class would be: +1 Engineering, +1 Science.

Calypso-class starships have the following Talents: Modular Laboratories, and Advanced Research Facilities.

U.S.S. Mogami (NCC-44785) (PDF)Microsoft Word - USS-Mogami-NCC44785.docx



Featured Starship articles spotlight established starships that you can use as a ship for players for immediate play (such as for a demo or convention game), or as an NPC ship in your campaign. Some are a natural fit with characters from the Featured Crew articles. Only Core Rulebook rules will be used (with perhaps a few special exceptions, such as the spaceframes from the Command Division supplement).

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