Gotta’ love the fans of Star Trek Adventures, constantly creating new guides, tools, and resources to enhance the universe’s best RPG. Today’s gift comes from Jason Marden.

Medicine is an inherently complex field, and Starfleet medical officers have access to a wealth of medical equipment. Some of it is portable and can be taken along on away team missions, while much of it can only be used in a hospital or sickbay. The Star Trek Adventures Starfleet Medical Reference Guide describes some of the more important and common medical devices that have not previously been described, all granting a particular Advantage or rule with its use. Common equipment that is part of a medkit, which has no Opportunity Cost, may not have a unique benefit.

We hope you enjoy this new Replicator Resource. We hope it saves the lives of your mardenvaluable PCs and brings out your inner Dr. McCoys.

Star Trek Adventures – Medical Reference Guide


When asked to brag about himself, contributor Jason Marden said, “Hi, I’m Jase but you might know me as Hairy Gamer Jase. I’m a proper nerd covering wargaming, board games, LARPing, hobbying, 3d printing and of course RPGs. I’ve been a Trekkie since forever and have been playing Star Trek Adventures since the playtest. I have a long-running campaign set in 2372 aboard the USS Exeter following ten, yes ten characters as they embark upon a Five Year Deep Space Exploration mission into the Shackleton Expanse.”

We at Continuing Mission love it when superfans make such valuable contributions to the game. If you have something you would like to share, reach out to us. You can hit me up personally at michaeldismuke1 at gmail dot com.



  1. Wow! Amazing work! But… do we need to ask permission to download it? When I clicked on it, it was “read only”…

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