New Ship and Station Roles: Mission Specialist, Transporter Chief, and TAC Officer


Here are three new Ship and Station Roles: Mission SpecialistTransporter Chief, and TAC Officer. I also include one that had already been introduced in a previous article: Hazard Team Leader/Reponse Team Leader, to make it easier to find.


The Mission Specialist manages the logistics of the mission at hand, from data analysis to security detail, and allocates extra resources from the mission payload. They are considered a designated mission leader, and advise on every aspect of the mission to everyone, including the commanding officer.

Once per mission, the Mission Specialist may Direct any other character regardless of their rank. The Mission Specialist may only assist with the same Attribute + Discipline as the main Task, but is assumed to have a relevant Focus. This may be used in combat once. Alternatively, it can be used outside of combat for one Task or one Extended Task. When used for an Extended Task, the Mission Specialist may assist in each related sub-Task.


The Transporter Chief is in charge of the operation of transporter rooms on a starship or starbase. They are experts with all aspects of the transporter systems, from pattern buffers, to transporter locks, to biofilters.

Once per mission, when the Transporter Chief is in a transporter room and is performing a Task involving the transporter systems or a transport, the Chief may add 3 Threat to re-roll his entire dice pool.


The TAC Officer prepares and assesses potential cadets for entry into Starfleet Academy. He administers the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. TAC stands for Training, Advising, and Counseling. TAC Officers are normally assigned to starbases. They are experts in assessing and bringing out the potential in others.

After succeeding at a Task to assess the skills or current mental state of another living creature, the TAC Officer gains one bonus Momentum, which may be only used on the Obtain Information Momentum Spend.


The Hazard Team Leader is responsible for training an elite force for high-risk missions, consisting of tactical officers, medics, pilots, and marksmen. Hazard Teams were created in 2376 aboard the U.S.S. Voyager, but you can have Response Teams earlier than that performing the same role. See the original article.

A Hazard Team Leader may activate special personnel (p.185), called a Hazard Team (Opportunity 1, Escalation 1), twice per mission (for an Alpha squad and a Beta squad). These Hazard Teams may be used as Advantages to support both Security and Medicine Tasks, making them more versatile than a Security Team. Each ship may only have two Hazard Team squads at any one time. (Activating Personnel does not count against Crew Support.)

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