Cosmozoan Cards: Sets 1-4

Welcome to the Cosmozoan Cards series on Continuing Mission, a series parallel to our Menagerie Cards series! Ever need giant space creatures to threaten your crew on the spur of the moment, but don’t have time to plan out their stats? Fear no more. The Cosmozoan Cards will allow you to mix-and-match and create a spaceworthy monster quickly.

There are three kinds of Cosmozoan Cards:

  • Awareness (type of thought)
    • includes Communications, Computers, Command, Conn, Crew, Values, and a special rule;
    • illustrated with an icon.
  • Energy (energy used in metabolism; often what it eats and also what it emits)
    • includes Traits, Engines, Sensors, Security, Engineering, Power, Scale, Resistance, Shields, and two attacks;
    • Shields is dependent on the Morphology Card, so the final value is not calculated – but it should be easy to obtain the value with the formula on the card;
    • a link is provided in the description so that you may read up on the energy type as it is used in the Star Trek universe;
    • illustrated with a particle.
  • Morphology (cosmozoan physical type)
    • includes NPC category, Structure, Weapons, Science, Medicine, Immunities, Focuses, and another special rule;
    • Cosmozoans are always immune to Vacuum and Cold;
    • illustrated with an image resembling the morphology.

Pick one of each kind, and you have your cosmozoan creature! Some combinations may take creative license from the GM, but that’s a feature, not a bug – and might even inspire you to come up with interesting ecologies.

For this first release, to get you started, I include four of each kind of Cosmozoan Cards, for 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 possible permutations of a creature. Simply print, cut, and shuffle each stack. They are roughly 3″ x 5″, so you can paste or print them on standard index cards.

In addition, for this initial release of 4 Sets, each will be associated with a Cosmozoan monster that is found in the Sargon and Beyond setting, in a separate post.

Set 1: Hunger-Driven / Polaron / Two-Dimensional

  • The Hunger-Driven Awareness suggests a cosmozoan creature that lives to feed, motivated by its hunger. It will continue to consume what it needs, wherever it could find it.
  • The Polaron Energy indicates a metabolism and energy attack related to polarons.
  • The Two-Dimensional Morphology refers to a cosmozoan creature that exists in two dimensions (flat), which gives it some immunities to damage in the three-dimensional universe.

Cosmozoan Cards Set 1 (PDF)Cosmozoan1

Set 2: Curious / Antiproton / Gaseous

  • The Curious Awareness suggests a cosmozoan entity that investigates whatever intrigues it, and often that means everything. It will take unnecessary risks to find out about things new to it.
  • The Antiproton Energy indicates a metabolism and energy attack related antiprotons.
  • The Gaseous Morphology refers to a cosmozoan creature that is gaseous, similar to a nebula.

Cosmozoan Cards Set 2 (PDF)Cosmozoan2

Set 3: Extratemporal / Dekyon / Silicon-Based

  • The Extratemporal Awareness suggests a cosmozoan creature that is capable of traveling through time, or is aware of non-linear time in a way that allows it to draw upon knowledge of the past or future.
  • The Dekyon Energy indicates a metabolism and energy attack related to dekyons.
  • The Silicon-Based Morphology refers to a cosmozoan creature that is silicon-based (like rocks).

Cosmozoan Cards Set 3 (PDF)Cosmozoan3


Set 4: Malicious / Omicron Radiation / Organic

  • The Malicious Awareness suggests a cosmozoan creature that does things out of spite or malice, at least when interpreted from a human perspective. However, it may simply be part of its normal behaviour.
  • The Omicron Radiation Energy indicates a metabolism and energy attack related to omicron radiation, which is often related to antimatter.
  • The Organic Morphology refers to a cosmozoan creature that resembles an organic creature (carbon-based), but it may simply be an outward similarity to animals or plants.

Cosmozoan Cards Set 4 (PDF)Cosmozoan4


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