Cosmozoan Cards: Sets 5-8

Welcome back to the Cosmozoan Cards series on Continuing Mission, a series parallel to our Menagerie Cards series! Ever need giant space creatures to threaten your crew on the spur of the moment, but don’t have time to plan out their stats? Fear no more. The Cosmozoan Cards will allow you to mix-and-match and create a spaceworthy monster quickly.

We add 4 new cards, but first a reminder.

There are three kinds of Cosmozoan Cards:

  • Awareness (type of thought)
    • includes Communications, Computers, Command, Conn, Crew, Values, and a special rule;
    • illustrated with an icon.
  • Energy (energy used in metabolism; often what it eats and also what it emits)
    • includes Traits, Engines, Sensors, Security, Engineering, Power, Scale, Resistance, Shields, and two attacks;
    • Shields is dependent on the Morphology Card, so the final value is not calculated – but it should be easy to obtain the value with the formula on the card;
    • a link is provided in the description so that you may read up on the energy type as it is used in the Star Trek universe;
    • illustrated with a particle.
  • Morphology (cosmozoan physical type)
    • includes NPC category, Structure, Weapons, Science, Medicine, Immunities, Focuses, and another special rule;
    • Cosmozoans are always immune to Vacuum and Cold;
    • illustrated with an image resembling the morphology.

Pick one of each kind, and you have your cosmozoan creature! Some combinations may take creative license from the GM, but that’s a feature, not a bug – and might even inspire you to come up with interesting ecologies.

The previous Sets 1-4 are available here. With the addition of 4 new cards, we’re now at 8 x 8 x 8 = 512 possible permutations of a creature. Simply print, cut, and shuffle each stack. They are roughly 3″ x 5″, so you can paste or print them on standard index cards.

In addition, for this new release of 4 Sets, each will be associated with a Cosmozoan monster that is found in the Sargon and Beyond setting, in a separate post (soon).

Set 5: Conspiratorial / Baryon Particle / Metallic

  • The Conspiratorial Awareness suggests a cosmozoan creature that conspires with members of its own kind, or with other species. They are secretive, and follow a plan closely. They are very good at hiding themselves and what they do.
  • The Baryon Particle Energy indicates a metabolism and energy attack related to baryons. Their baryon absorption attack is similar to a baryon sweep that eliminates those excess particles from the hull of starships. They are attracted to starships as a source of sustenance.
  • The Metallic Morphology refers to a cosmozoan creature that is made of metal. They are resilient like metal, and can detect structural flaws in other structures. They are capable of sensing magnetic fields and generating them, and use magnetism also as a defensive field.

Set 6: Empathic / Baryon Particle / Metallic

  • The Empathic Awareness suggests a cosmozoan creature that is able to read the emotions of those around it, and project emotions to others. If desired, it may use any of its attacks psychically as well.
  • The Graviton Energy indicates a metabolism and energy attack related to gravitons. They are able to exude gravitational forces as fields and beams, and inflict damage that way.
  • The Planetoidal Morphology refers to a cosmozoan creature that is very much like a planet or asteroid. It likely is of a great scale and senses gravitational forces. It is very difficult to damage the Planetoidal Entity, but not impossible.

Set 7: Unstable / Radiogenic Particle / Protoplasmic

  • The Unstable Awareness suggests a cosmozoan creature that is volatile and unpredictable in its actions. It is quick to anger, and feared. When it moves in space, its trajectory is full of unexpected motion, making it difficult to hit.
  • The Radiogenic Particle Energy indicates a metabolism and energy attack related to radiogenic particles. The radiogenic particles tend to interfere with targeting systems. They can send radiogenic waste as torpedoes, and also project such particles as a damaging field.
  • The Protoplasmic Morphology refers to a cosmozoan creature that is amoeba-like, that regenerates and changes shape. Its changeable form allows it to ignore Spread, High-Yield, and Devastating effects.

Set 8: Parasitic / Negative Energy / Photonic

  • The Parasitic Awareness suggests a cosmozoan creature that lives by draining the energy from other cosmozoan creatures, or in some instances, stellar phenomena or ecosystems. While feeding off their host, they are difficult to hurt and also are better at shielding themselves from attacks.
  • The Negative Energy Energy type indicates a metabolism and energy attack related to negative energy. Their very presence is toxic to life. They are also able to shoot packets of negative mass as an attack mechanism.
  • The Photonic Morphology refers to a cosmozoan creature that is made of light. They are expert at spaceflight and manipulating photons (light), including their own bodies. They are able to refract beams, so beam-type weaponry are useless against them.

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