Cosmozoan Cards: The Complete Set

The Cosmozoan Cards series is now complete, with 20 sets of Awareness / Energy / Morphology cards. You can now randomly create 20x20x20 = 8,000 cosmozoan creatures.

There are three kinds of Cosmozoan Cards:

  • Awareness (type of thought)
    • includes Communications, Computers, Command, Conn, Crew, Values, and a special rule;
    • illustrated with an icon.
  • Energy (energy used in metabolism; often what it eats and also what it emits)
    • includes Traits, Engines, Sensors, Security, Engineering, Power, Scale, Resistance, Shields, and two attacks;
    • Shields is dependent on the Morphology Card, so the final value is not calculated – but it should be easy to obtain the value with the formula on the card;
    • illustrated with a particle.
  • Morphology (cosmozoan physical type)
    • includes NPC category, Structure, Weapons, Science, Medicine, Immunities, Focuses, and another special rule;
    • Cosmozoans are (almost) always immune to Vacuum and Cold;
    • illustrated with an image resembling the morphology.

Pick one of each kind, and you have your cosmozoan creature! Some combinations may take creative license from the GM, but that’s a feature, not a bug – and might even inspire you to come up with interesting ecologies.

Also, an online generator version will be completed soon, allowing you to generate cosmozoans on the fly, or pick specific combinations and print the creature you need.

Here is an index:

Set 1: Hunger-Driven / Polaron / Two-Dimensional

Set 2: Curious / Antiproton / Gaseous

Set 3: Extratemporal / Dekyon / Silicon-Based

Set 4: Malicious / Omicron Radiation / Organic

Set 5: Conspiratorial / Baryon Particle / Metallic

Set 6: Empathic / Graviton / Planetoidal

Set 7: Unstable / Radiogenic / Protoplasmic

Set 8: Parasitic / Negative Energy / Photonic

Set 9: Hyperintelligent / Verteron / Non-Corporeal

Set 10: Biomimetic / Tetryon / Solanogen-Based

Set 11: Childlike / Sporocystian Energy / Energy-Based

Set 12: Programmed / Plasma / Vessel

Set 13: Patient / Nadion / Multidimensional

Set 14: Gestalt / Chroniton / Cybernetic

Set 15: Rational / Electromagnetism / Crystalline

Set 16: Unfathomable / Metreon / Swarmlike

Set 17: Telepathic / Tachyon / Spatial Distortion

Set 18: Adaptive / Alpha Particle / Psychic

Set 19: Vengeful / Cometary Ion / Dark Matter

Set 20: Symbiotic / Thoron / Transtemporal

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  1. Fantastic idea, along with the Menagerie Cards. I love the way you’ve included layers of detail for each type of creature, to make them more than just a “big, scary monster”. Great work!

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