Nelbinar and Ctenophoran NPCs and Starships

There are two species created by other STA GMs that I find interesting, and plan to use in my game: the Nelbinar (from Trek Lug) and the Ctenophoran (from Star Trek Adventures Academy). Unless you’re one of my players, go check out those articles!

I’ve added my own interpretations of NPCs and Starships for these civilizations.

GM’s eyes only from here on.

I’ve provided stats below.

Nelbinar Engineer (Notable NPC) and Ctenophoran Citizen (Minor NPC)STAx-NelbinarCtenophoranCtenophoran Tentaculata Class Starship and Nelbinar Cavernous Class StarshipStarship-STA-CtenoNelbinar

Starship images are from No Man’s Sky.

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