Goddard Class Deep Space Tug / Repair Ship

The Goddard class deep space tug / repair ship is based on a design by Andrew Probert, who has worked on designs for many starships and sets for Star Trek series. Read more about the design here. Unusualsuspex on DeviantArt did a 3D model of it (image in the gallery below), and named it the U.S.S. Probert.

Here are the stats for the ship. The service date was a guess. But I also include the Spaceframe and the new Mission Profile below, in case you wish to take the Goddard class spaceframe and build it your way.


Entered Service: 2364





Scale 4


  • Welding Beam (Energy, Range Close, base damage Security+1[CD], Calibration
  • Tractor Beam (Strength 3)


Goddard-class starships have the following Talents:

  • Maintenance And Repair Deck: This vessel may act as a temporary repair base, able to repair a single Breach per day, provided that the ship being repaired is ‘docked’, and that the period of maintenance is uninterrupted.
  • High-Power Tractor Beam (Command Division, p.67)

Mission Profile: Repair Operations

Repair Operations ships have the following Departments: Security 1, Engineering 3, all other Departments 2.

Select one of the following Talents:

  • Dedicated Personnel (Engineering) (Command Division, p.67)
  • Improved Damage Control

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