Ignitrix’s Hidden Library: A Homebrew Omnibus

Since 2017, I have been an avid contributor to the Star Trek Adventures community, including contributions to Continuing Mission, multiple streamed games, and running the subreddit. Over the years I’ve produced enough homebrew content that warrants updating and combining them all into a book!

Contained within the nearly-200 pages of this book is every single mission compendium, species profile, additional rule(s), setting guides, and other homebrew I’ve written to date. That includes Pandora’s Box, Rig for Red, Hurricane, Andromeda, Deep Space 24, Dark Mirror, The Romulan Star Empire, Tempus Fugit, over eight species profiles, Roll20 macros and guidance, over seven ship profiles, updated Fleet Combat rules, miscellaneous Talents, and more! The content covers nearly every era, as well as the Mirror Universe and Time Travel! The only eras/shows not particularly featured in this book are Picard and Discovery. It’s my understanding that Modiphius is hoping to cover those two in the future, so they won’t be covered here.

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It’s worth saying that, aside from updating this Omnibus with fixes/errata, this might very well be my last Star Trek Adventures written release. I will, of course, continue to run my streamed games until my Players get sick of them. But for now, this is probably where I stop making published homebrew for STA.

Anyways, I want to thank everyone who’s followed me since I entered the STA community in 2017. I hope to one day see you in one of my Twitch streams, Youtube comments, Discord Communities, on Twitter, or even in my email inbox.

That’s all for now. Remember to be kind to one another. Add to people’s pile of good things, rather than weigh them down with more bad things.

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