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It’s the players’ turn! Last time I provided some aids and guides for GMs of Star Trek Adventures. Today, I’m back with some guides and advice for players. If you want to become the most effective version of your character that you can play and make Starfleet proud, then read on!

First of all, here are two guides that go over the basics of the game. The first one is my Quick Reference Sheet that I whipped up when the game first came out. It’s just the facts and should clarify what you do 90% of the time in STA. The second sheet is for the other 10% of the time, those rolls that involve the dreaded challenges and extended rolls as well as the Scientific Method that people have mixed feelings about. The good news is that these situations aren’t as convoluted as you might be picturing so give these guides a read and amaze your friends!

Star Trek Adventures - Quick Reference Guide   Star Trek Adventures - Advanced Rolls

Next up… Well, no one in Starfleet wants a situation to turn violent but sometimes you just can’t help it! Especially with the release of the Operations Division Supplement, some people may be angling for more combat-heavy characters and will appreciate this pair of guides. The first is a collection of tips for personal combat and the second is tips for ship combat.

Star Trek Adventures - Guide to Personal Combat   Star Trek Adventures - Guide to Ship Combat

So let’s talk about how to avoid that violence in the first place! This guide helps with the social part of the game, not just tips on acting like a Starfleet officer but also on how to be as strategic at the negotiating table as you are with a phaser and shield emitters.
Star Trek Adventures - Guide to Social Conflict


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