Interceptors! Immediate Launch!!!I

A late April 1st submission by site fan Stephen Ross.

In honor of it being the first of April. I’ve decided to stat up the most unlikely threat in anyone’s Star Trek Adventures campaign… The Interceptor from Gerry Anderson’s UFO.

The following fluff text is my attempt to fit this Dinky little craft into the STA Timeline.

An Alternate Timeline

A relic of the Eugenics War and World War III, The Interceptor was designed and build by the firm Anderson Aerospace for the US Air Force and NATO as a single manned defence platform to protect Western assets on the Moon and in Earth orbit. As such it had to be light and simple enough to be transported and assembled in orbit or on the Moon.

To that end, Anderson went with a simple pod design that incorporated a nose mounted launcher for the Genie IV Nuclear missile. A pressurised ejectable cockpit was included to allow the pilot to work in a shirt-sleeve environment, increasing crew comfort on long deployments.

While the Interceptor missile could targeted and launched using the onboard systems, the standard practice was to have targeting and missile timing handled by the Interceptor’s command base using their computers along with real-time data from their sensors, the Interceptors and various detection satellites. Suffice as to say this limited the Interceptor to real-time communications range with their home base.

Game Use

The Interceptor is meant to represent the kind of threat that could be presented by a pre-Warp spacefaring society. Individually, the Interceptor is not much of a threat. The danger comes from their being multiple Interceptors coordinated by a Command base with a complex space detection network.

Moon Base Interceptor © Gerry Anderson.1970

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